How To Ensure Your Italian Furniture Will Last A Long Time


Research shows that uninformed and careless furniture treatment is a major contributor to their damage, yet one does not have to be a scholar or a professional in order to take good care of them. Experts are of the opinion that understanding the nature of the materials used to make the furniture combined with regular cleaning should be able to do the trick. Another useful pointer that helps a lot in ensuring that a piece of furniture is in good shape is constant protection of their surfaces from excessive heat and fire. One is also advised to be very careful with anything that he or she places on a piece of furniture and to only sit on structures that have been designed for the same purpose. These guidelines when combined with tips on proper handling and moving of furniture are enough to keep them in good shape for a long time.


Handling and Moving Furniture

Apart from wise use of furniture, careful handling and movement of furniture is equally important in ensuring that they do not get damaged. The first rule of moving furniture according to experts is finding out if any of their parts are detachable and do so. The next step is examining the space and route that the furniture will take when being moved. One has to be sure of the exact location he or she intends to move the furniture to before carrying it up. This actually saves time while also preventing possible accidents that may cause damage to the piece of furniture. Moving furniture requires a special kind of attitude whereby one does it slowly and avoids dragging them across the floor as it only causes to the floor and the furniture. To ensure this scenario does not occur, a firm grip with both hands on the piece of furniture is the best way to carry out such a task.

Seating furniture such as arm chairs should never be lifted by their backs because it may result to breakage. One is therefore expected to hold on to its rail as it is the strongest part of the chair. Smaller chairs can be lifted by their side rails while larger sofas are best lifted by grabbing their bottom side frames.

Contrary to the most commonly used technique of carrying a table by its legs or the top part, they are actually supposed to be lifted by grabbing the apron part. This helps to keep glue-blocks or screws intact. The same applies to case furniture, the only difference being that they cannot be carried by one individual and therefore need the help of another person to be moved.

Adhering to these guidelines not only ensure the safety of the pieces of furniture, but also helps you to save a lot of money.


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Space Saving Ideas for Your Kitchen


Put anything that can go on the walls up there. You can get magnetic knife racks, which are a great storage solution, as well as making knives easily accessible. Another great magnetic space saving solution is little magnetic pots to put herbs and spices; you can get these at most home wares shops as well as Ikea. They stick easily to the side of your fridge or you can buy a metal board to stick on whatever part of the wall you would like them to go.


A pot rail is a great way to store almost anything that can go on a hook, most larger utensils (ladles, spatulas, etc.) will have a little hole in the end for this exact purpose. Not only does it get stuff out of drawers it’s all very easily accessible when you’re cooking and saves time you might normally spend hunting down a particular utensil.


A cabinet shelf doubles your cabinet space, it also means that you don’t have to lift a whole stack of heavy plates to get at what you want on the bottom.


Put your trashcan on the inside of a cabinet door, you can buy them for only around $30, or make your own if you’re feeling handy. Not only does it save space but it also means you don’t have to look at an ugly trash can and improves the appearance of your whole kitchen.


Everyone loves wine glasses, and they’re pretty much essential for people who entertain a lot but they can take up a lot of space in cupboards. Mount a stem-ware rack underneath a cabinet and not only does it create additional space in your cupboards, it looks amazing.

Kitchen carts a great way to add more storage to a small kitchen, when the kitchen is not in use they can sit handily out of the way and can be pushed further out when you’re cooking meals, they can also mean a little extra bench space when you need it.

Once you’ve made enough room in your kitchen, now’s the time to look for dining room furniture. I personally prefer mid century modern dining rooms but of course, you’re free to decide which style goes best with your kitchen. A lot of folks opt for the rustic look which is also quite popular.

Don’t stop there – keep hunting for nifty new ways to save space in your dining room in order to make it appear bigger than it is. Stay tuned for our next post on space saving living room ideas by yours truly!


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